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Lies and Hoaxes About Coronavirus

With the time of crisis, people are more triggered to tell lies and hoaxes. That behavior is part of the social fear that people are living in nowadays. The problem is the technology currently is making it easy for people to spread their rumors in the speed of light. The most common hoaxes are the following:

  • Mosquitoes transmit COVID-19

The World Health Organization has denied this fact. It declared that there is no proven research that says mosquitoes have a role in spreading the disease of the corona.

  • Hot showers can defeat the virus

The virus cannot be defeated by hot water if it reaches the respiratory system in the body, yet hot water can damage the skin cells instead.

  • Nasal sprays are a cure for the disease

Using that kind of sprays will not prevent the virus, especially if the immune system is low and no precautions procedures are taken.

  • Smoking could fortify from coronavirus

Smokers are not any better than other people. In fact, they are in danger of getting infected because their respiratory system is already damaged.

It is crucial to make sure while reading any information. The best way is to double-check any news about COVID-19 from trustworthy websites like WHO.

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