Princess Nourah Award for Women’s Excellence opens for nominations in its fifth year

The Secretariat of the Princess Nourah Award for Women’s Excellence announced that the nomination for the award in its fifth session is now open.


This award is the first annual award unique to celebrate and highlight the outstanding achievements of Saudi women in the Kingdom.


(6) areas of study are covered by the award, including mental health, pharmaceutical applications, language and translation techniques, “Artworks that Enhance the Kingdom’s Global Identity”, “Social Initiatives in the Service of Childhood”, and “Pioneering interior design projects”.


The President of Princess Nourah University, Dr. Enas Al-Issa, stressed the support and empowerment that Saudi women enjoy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Women have become partners in sustainable development and a contributor to achieving the goals of Vision 2030. Under the leadership of King Salman and his Crown Prince


Al-Issa indicated that Princess Nourah University is a media and social platform for creativity, which sheds light every year on the successes of Saudi women in various fields.


The nomination for the Award continues, until January 15, 2023, and it is available to government agencies, the private sector, bodies, institutions, and individuals.

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