Saudi Arabia announces the establishment of a new resort in “Faena The Red Sea”

With the support of a brand in the hospitality and hotel sector, the Red Sea International Company announced the creation of a new resort within its tourist destination called Faena The Red Sea.


The resort aimed to create comprehensive tourism experiences based on cultural experiences, integrating facilities and hotels with arts and cultural spaces.


The resort is located on the Red Sea coast and is scheduled to be launched in 2024.


Faena The Red Sea Resort is located in the southern part of the main island in the Red Sea destination “Shura”.


It is the island where the design concept “Coral Bloom” was announced, which is inspired by the nature of the most flourishing coral reef in the world.


Faena has been interested in engaging creative artists and talented minds in the opportunity to develop the aesthetic aspects of this masterpiece.


The resort will be designed by British international design firm Foster & Partners, while the interior design will be provided by the Paris-based design team, Jouin Manku.


Faena The Red Sea Resort features the most spacious hotel units on the island of Shura. Each hotel suite and all its 150 villas include a private pool and sea views.

The Executive Suite, with an area of ​​84 square meters, has been designed to provide absolute privacy for visitors.


Faena The Red Sea Resort features 7 of the 150 villas, including 6 master three-bedroom pool villas and a four-bedroom royal pool villa.


The Living Room will be the heart of the resort, with live entertainment by some of the world’s most famous and innovative artists.


Faena is unique in its list of different tourist experiences that seek to impress visitors every time they visit its prestigious destinations.


Red Sea International CEO John Pagano commented on the announcement, “We are delighted to welcome Faena to our list of Red Sea destination resort operators.”

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