Prince of Eastern Province: Saudi Arabia is one of the fronts for mitigating the effects of disasters

Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province, opened last week in his office the first forum on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, organized by the Eastern Province Secretariat, with the participation of some specialists and officials from several agencies, including the World Bank and the UN.

The forum defines the global goals to reduce disaster risks following the UN conventions, and what results from them intending to achieve ideal management in the various participating parties.

In a speech delivered during the conference, the Emir of Al Sharqiya said, “I am pleased on this day to share with you this International Forum for Disaster Reduction, which is held every year to promote the global culture of disaster prevention and preparedness and to deal with its consequences, as well as global awareness and effective policies and practices.”

He added: “Praise be to God, this country is one of the most important international fronts for mitigating the effects of crises and disasters, thanks to God and then thanks to the wise leadership that has established systems based on providing a helping hand and relief to the deserving without discrimination of gender, race or religion, as it made the need the only criterion for assisting.”

The forum will address some themes, most notably “assessing the ability of cities to withstand climate change”, “the role of the Saudi code and reducing the risk of natural disasters”, how to protect cities, “business continuity”, and “addressing systems for forecasting risks and warnings” and its role in protecting cities.

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