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‘Pilgrims Security is a Red Line’: No Hajj without a Permit

Saudi Ministry of Interior held the Press Conference of the Hajj Security Forces Commanders on Saturday at the Unified Security Operations Center (911) in Mecca to review the operational security plan for Hajj 2024, reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Director of Public Security and Chairman of the Hajj Security Committee Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Bassami stressed that the security of the Kingdom, pilgrims, and holy sites is a red line.

Al-Bassami highlighted that Hajj security forces would never allow any actions that might threaten security and safety of the pilgrims during Hajj 2024.

He emphasized that those who did not obtain Hajj permits are not allowed to perform Hajj or enter the holy sites.

“Unauthorized individuals without a Hajj permit will be barred from entering the holy sites through security cordons at the entrances to Mecca and the sacred sites,” said Al-Bassami.

Furthermore, security agencies across the Kingdom are currently monitoring carefully misleading advertisements designed to attract pilgrims through unauthorized Hajj offices or claims of performing Hajj on behalf of others.

Al-Bassami confirmed that Saudi Arabia will take strong legal actions against those who are caught red-handed.

Moreover, the security forces will arrest those transporting individuals without official Hajj permits and hand them over to administrative committees at the General Directorate of Passports to take the appropriate punishment.

Hajj Security Forces Responsibilities

Al-Bassami underscored that the forces are fully surrounding the holy sites to swiftly detect any security concerns during this season.

“Preventive measures will be taken to prevent crimes, combat pickpocketing, and any negative phenomena affecting the safety of pilgrims,” he added.

The forces are applying the principle of prevention and safety to efficiently manage the flow of pilgrims within the Grand Mosque, the central area, and the holy sites.

They will balance traffic and crowding at security checkpoints at the entrances to Mecca and the holy sites and ensure smooth traffic flow.

Al-Bassami stated that security forces have recently arrested many people accused of organizing 140 fake Hajj campaigns and 64 violators of Hajj regulations.

In addition, the forces returned back 97,664 unauthorized vehicles and 171,587 non-residents of Mecca.

4,032 violators of Hajj regulations (Hajj without a permit) and 6,105 violators of residency and labor regulations have been barred from Hajj 2024.

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