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Horses are considered one of the most amazing and beautiful creatures in history. They are known for their graceful figure and remarkable strength. They also carried in their souls a symbol of freedom and harmony with nature. Horses have been human companions throughout the ages. In turn, humans have formed a special historical relationship with these noble creatures.


خلفيات الخيل

Horses are considered hoofed mammals, and the name horse comes from the word “pride,” which means self-esteem. In Arabic it is also called “al-Jawad,” which means courage and generosity. In the past they used them in battles and also in horse riding and competitions.

What is difference between purebred, hybrid Arabian horses?

There are several ways to know the clear differences between purebred Arabian horses and hybrid horses, and among these methods is the shape of the head, because the head of the Arabian horse is a little small and does not contain any hair around the mouth and eyes, and if the eyes are clear and the size of the ears is small, then this horse belongs to Authentic Arabic type. It has a wide jaw, a high tail, and a huge chest, making its general shape close to that of a square.

الخيول العربية الاصيلة - لحصان العربي الاصيل يعتبر من اقدم الجياد على الاطلاق بدمه الاصيل الذي يسري عبر عروق كل نسل من سلالاته, بل إن الحقائق التاريخية تشير الى أن بلاد العرب

Whereas hybrid horse has a  white forehead and hoof, the eyes are wide, and these horses have a narrow waist.

Hybrid horses are found in black and white, and are characterized by thick hair and a large body, and their origin goes back to the British Isles.

Learn about correct methods of raising horses

Breeding horses requires proper health care and nutrition to ensure the best results. Below are some tips that help with proper upbringing:

  • Horse stables

Adequate space must be provided for normal movement and comfort, and the surrounding materials must be safe and free of harmful substances.

  • Proper nutrition

Horses should be provided with balanced and healthy nutrition, and it is best to consult an equine nutritionist to determine the appropriate amount and type of food.

  • medical care

Horses should be provided with regular medical care, including vaccinations, regular veterinary examinations, hoof cleanings, and dental care.

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  • Training and dressage

Training and dressage are an important part of horse maintenance. A positive and systematic approach to training must be used to build sustainable relationships and improve discipline and performance.

  • Communication, attention

Horse breeders must spend enough time with their horses, taking care of them and interacting with them. Good communication helps build trust and strengthen the relationship between the horse and the breeder.

The horses have to interact with other horses so that they learn from social behavior and develop communication skills.

  • Enjoy and relax

Horses should have time to rest and relax, whether on the farm or through recreational activities.

Horse breeding is fun, but it definitely takes some patience to learn the correct breeding.


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What is best food for horses?

Proper nutrition for a horse is absolutely essential to maintain its optimal health and performance. There are many favorite foods for horses that meet their different nutritional needs.

Fresh grass is the main feed for horses and should make up a large part of their diet. Grasses contain essential nutrients such as fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition to grass, hay can also be added to the diet as a source of fiber, and fiber helps support the horse’s digestive system and maintain gut health.

There are a variety of different feeds on the market that contain different combinations of vitamins, minerals and proteins, and the concentration should be chosen according to the individual needs of the horse, taking into account its age group, activity level and health. It is best to consult an equine nutritionist to determine the appropriate feed and quantity recommendations.

In addition to grass and concentrated feed, horses should have access to clean, fresh water at all times, mainly because water plays an important role in digestion.

Environmental conditions and a horse’s activity can affect its nutritional needs, so the diet can be modified according to the season, activity level, and physical condition.

Finally, the horse’s body condition, weight and health must be constantly monitored and its nutritional needs must be ensured in a healthy and balanced manner. Proper nutrition must be provided regularly, and the horse must be monitored for any changes in weight or general condition.

Interesting facts about horses

There are many interesting facts about horses that you may know for the first time…

Purebred Arabian horses are considered the best in the world for several reasons. They can cover a distance of 160 kilometers without rest. They are also distinguished by their strength and have a uniquely strong rib cage compared to other breeds.
خلفيات حصان ابيض

Horses have large eyeballs, nine times larger than humans. It is also used in some cases of psychological treatment, because it is distinctive, gives comfort to the patient, and is easy to communicate with people.

Horses have a very strong memory, can remember people wonderfully, and have a strong sense of hearing as well.

It is possible to differentiate between females and males by looking at their teeth, because the male has 40 teeth, unlike the female, which has only 36 teeth.

Horse meat contains a large amount of proteins, and has more beneficial nutritional values ​​than cows and sheep, so it is considered a distinctive dish in many Asian countries.

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