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Number of Female lawyers in KSA is on the rise


The Ministry of Justice confirmed that the empowerment of women in the ministry reflected positively on serving the beneficiaries and facilitating them, as well as enhancing the speed of performance and raising the ceiling of work completion.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice indicated that the number of licensed female lawyers in the Kingdom increased by 66% compared to 2019, as their number was 618, increasing to 1,029 by the end of 2020, while the number of lawyers increased in the same period by 30%.

It stated that the Justice Training Center recently offered a set of training courses within the program of preparing lawyers qualified for a lawyer license, which were attended by 4,070 beneficiaries, in the professional and training tracks, of whom 1,680 were trainees.

It also highlighted that the fields of women’s work have diversified in it, as a legal and social researcher, in addition to administrative assistance, a first program developer and a notary.

The new structure of the Ministry of Justice included the formal entry of the female component to the Ministry’s ladder, by creating a women’s department for the first time in the history of the ministry.

The Director of the Women’s Department at the Ministry of Justice, Noura Al-Ghunaim, explained that the number of female employees reached 1,814, working in the various judicial sectors, noting that they provided services to more than 30,500 beneficiaries, during the past year 2020.

Al-Ghunaim indicated that the ministry’s female employees are assigned multiple tasks in courts and notaries. It includes work in reception and counseling units, managing case sheets and appointments, preparing lawsuits, reconciliation and family counseling units in personal status courts.

 Reports issued by the General Administration of Advocacy had previously revealed that the total number of licensed lawyers during the past year 2020 reached 1,525 male and female lawyers, of whom 114 were lawyers, while the number of female lawyers reached 411, and the number of corporate consultants reached 315 representatives, including 91 women .

Moreover, the Ministry of Justice provides the beneficiaries with the service of inquiring about lawyers on its portal by searching the name of the lawyer or the city to facilitate communication between beneficiaries and lawyers.
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