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Arrival of Snow to Northern Saudi Arabia Due To Giant Polar Depression

With the arrival of the white visitor in northern Saudi Arabia, the snowfall clips began to invade social networking sites, especially Twitter.

Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, a Saudi weather and climate expert, confirmed that the depression, which passes through the region and led to snowfall in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey, will affect Saudi Arabia.

He indicated that its strength will be medium to dense, especially on the heights, and will be accompanied by storms and thunderstorms.

Al-Hussaini described the depression as a “giant,” and he expected on his Twitter account that its effects would appear at a temperature between 4-6 degrees, accompanied by dusty winds, and some snowy rains in areas of Al-Jawf, Tabuk and Medina.

Egypt announced the suspension of navigation in its ports on the Mediterranean, due to bad weather, fluctuations in the weather, high waves, and increased wind speed.

Global weather model data indicated that the Middle East is on the date of an unprecedented polar snowstorm.

A “very deep” depression of polar origin is expected to form around the island of Cyprus, with the effect of which snow will fall in various mountainous regions in the Levant, Iraq and Egypt.

 Some highlands in northern Saudi Arabia, parts of Libya, and some parts of Africa, are in the coldest wave the region has witnessed in six years.
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