Number of corona infections in the world exceeds 200,000, and 8000 victims

Statistical data confirmed that the new Corona virus “Covid-19” infected in just three days 50,000 people around the world, exceeding the total number of infected 200,000.

The latest data from Johns Hopkins University, which tracks the spread of the virus worldwide, confirms that the number of people infected with the new virus so far reached at least 201634, with 82030 recovered, while the number of deaths rose to 8007.

China tops the list of countries most affected by the virus with 3,241 deaths and 81,102 confirmed infections, followed by Italy (2,503 deaths and 31,506 infections), Iran (988 deaths and 16,169 infections), Spain (558 deaths and 13,716 cases), and Germany (26 deaths and 9,877 infections).

In the ranks between the sixth and tenth in the list of the ten largest virus hot spots in the world, South Korea (84 deaths and 8413 infections), France (148 deaths and 7,696 infections), the United States (114 deaths and 6,696 infections), Switzerland (27 deaths and 2,700 infections) and Britain (72 Death and 1961 injuries).

Qatar continues to top the list of the Arab countries most affected by the virus with 442 confirmed infections without registering deaths, followed by Bahrain (one death and 242 injuries), Egypt (6 deaths and 196 injuries), Saudi Arabia (171 cases without deaths), Iraq (11 deaths and 154 injuries) and Kuwait (142 cases Without deaths), Lebanon (three deaths and 133 injuries), and the United Arab Emirates (113 deaths without deaths).

In Russia, the number of confirmed cases of the new virus today has risen to 147 without deaths.

The number of people infected with the new Corona virus in the world reached 150 thousand people only three days ago, which shows the frequency of the epidemic in various parts of the world, mainly in Europe.

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