No More Papers: Saudi Education Issues Digital Certificates for Students

The Ministry of Education has announced the launch of digital certificate service for general education students in all academic levels in 2024, reported Education Ministry.

The new announcement officially stated that the ministry will no longer issue printed paper copies, as the digital certificates will be available on Sunday, June 9, according to the Minister of Education Yousef Al-Bunyan.

Digital certificate is a milestone success facilitating all services with various educational organizations inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Now students can receive their certificates without the need to print the original paper, stamp it, and certify its exact copies.

Furthermore, the ministry indicated that any organization could verify the validity of certificates automatically through the quick response code on the certificate.

The Minister confirmed that digital certificate is part of the ministry’s commitment to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030.

Al-Bunyan stressed that all education departments, attachés and universities should deal with digital certificates for the academic years targeted in the first phase of digitalization.

He advised all educational organizations to stop issuing paper certificates, stamping them, signing them or authenticating their copies, starting next Sunday.

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