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Nada Al-Shadokhi employs artwork as a bridge linking cultures

Nada Al-Shadokhi employs artwork as a bridge linking cultures

Nada Al-Shadokhi, a Saudi artist who has worked professionally in the field of fine art since childhood, was able to identify her artistic identity via her artistic desire.

Along with her distinction in the field of calligraphy and her attempt to incorporate it into the world of plastic art, she has become a certified trainer by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, providing her gift to those desiring to study this art.

Nada told Al that she has been a fan of art since she was a youngster and that she used always to choose drawing instruments as gifts from her father.

Nada was distinguished by the combination of Sunbuli calligraphy and plastic paint, which made her paintings a special imprint that distinguishes her from other artists.

She affirmed that she prefers her paintings to have a specific balance and rhythm, after which she chooses the colors and determines the level of their harmony in the painting before moving forward with the implementation.

Regarding the reality of art and artists in Saudi Arabia, Nada claimed that the Kingdom is undergoing an artistic and cultural transformation as a result of Vision 2030, citing widespread interest in the artist and what he has to give.

She praised the availability of formal platforms that protect the artist’s rights and encourage him to participate more internally and internationally.

As for the training programs, the artist, Nada, explained that she offered many art courses for young and old, focusing on the basics of drawing and coloring.

She concluded her speech by looking forward to opening a YouTube channel to teach the basics of drawing and coloring.

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