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We ask the Houthis to open the roads to Taiz : US envoy to Yemen

Tim Lenderking, the US envoy to Yemen, demanded (Tuesday) that the Houthis’ opening of roads in Taiz serve humanitarian goals, reiterating the US commitment to bringing peace to Yemen and urging Yemeni parties to choose peace over war and destruction and to keep the cease-fire, which is set to expire on August 2.

Tim Lenderking told Al-Arabiya in an exclusive interview that the security calm must be maintained, expressing condolences for the Al-Ajmi family, who perished at the hands of the Houthis, and requesting that all detainees be released.

He expressed gratitude to Jordan and Cairo for permitting flights from Yemen to Amman and Sana’a, noting that Iran aided the Houthis in their attacks on people.

The Yemeni government’s negotiation team has appealed to the world community, as well as the embassies of the various countries.

The team congratulated the UN ambassador, Hans Grundberg, and his staff for their tireless work, which culminated in a proposal to open five highways in Taiz governorate and other governorates, including a key route, according to a statement released by the Yemeni News Agency.

This “represents the minimal needs of the people of Taiz Governorate, with the opening of the rest of the highways in the coming months,” according to the statement.

The team praised the UN Special Envoy’s and his team’s excellent contributions, requesting that he would apply the required pressure and take prompt action on the Houthi group to expedite the opening of the important routes and “not allow the coup group to manipulate and waste time.”

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