Monshaat Holds Growth Week from August 27 to 31

The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monshaat) is set to start, as part of a series of business weeks, the Growth Week between August 27 and 31.


The event is organized in cooperation with a number of government agencies and sectors concerned with the growth of enterprises. Notable among them is the US-based Silicon Valley Innovation Center, which carries out the Business Acceleration Program in partnership with the Monshaat Tomouh (Aspiration) Program whose goal is to support fast-growing enterprises in the Kingdom.


The Silicon Valley Program offers a range of consultations and workshops to fast-growing enterprises with the aim of developing their leadership skills and knowledge. A group of experts specialized in the field of entrepreneurship are also scheduled to take part in the event to showcase the best international practices that drive the growth of enterprises and the challenges faced in the process.

During the Growth Week, a group of prominent local experts from support councils, including senior officials and CEOs, are scheduled to talk about the programs and initiatives that contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial environment.

The Growth Week provides visitors and interested parties with the opportunity to learn about successful entrepreneurial experiences through specialized meetings with prominent entrepreneurs and join discussions about challenges in the field and ways to address them in effective ways.

Monshaat invites those wishing to benefit from the activities of the Growth Week to register via the link:

Short link :

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