Mecca’s Red Crescent Amplifies Efforts for Ramadan Season

In Mecca, on the 2nd of Ramadan 1445 AH, corresponding to March 12, 2024, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the Mecca region finalized its preparations. They aim to provide ambulance services to the visitors of the Holy Kaaba during the blessed month of Ramadan for the year 1445 AH in the holy capital.

Comprehensive Emergency Plans

Dr. Mustafa Beljoun, the director of the authority in the Mecca region, highlighted the plan’s inclusion of over 35 ambulance centers. This network comprises 6 ambulance centers within the Sacred Mosque, 21 internal centers, and 8 external ones. They are equipped with more than 80 ambulances, fitted with the latest medical devices and manned by approximately 887 employees.

Mobility and Volunteerism Enhancements

The authority has also allocated 7 disaster vehicles, 150 bicycles and scooters, 10 motorcycles, and 14 golf carts. These resources are designed to facilitate the movement of emergency cases within the mosque’s precincts. Additionally, the preparations include the participation of 900 volunteers from the Red Crescent Authority to serve the visitors of the House of Allah.

Goals and Aspirations

The authority’s plan aims for early readiness to serve the guests of the Merciful and to utilize all material and human capabilities. This effort seeks to achieve the optimal emergency response through its medical and emergency services. It covers the Holy Mosques and surrounding squares during Ramadan.

The plan also focuses on providing medical emergency services for critical emergency cases among the visitors of the Holy Kaaba. These may occur during the performance of the ritual and may require immediate medical intervention or rapid transfer to the nearest health facility in the Haram. Additionally, the plan involves intensifying ambulance teams in certain locations expected to experience high densities of worshippers during  Ramadan.

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