Madinah Regional Municipality Presents Investment Opportunity

The Madinah Regional Municipality has presented an investment opportunity to establish, operate and maintain a rural lodge on Wadi Al Aqiq Corniche, reported Akhbaar 24. This opportunity aims to support the local economy in a sustainable and innovative way.

The municipality explained that the project is located on an area of ​​12,277 square meters on Wadi Al Aqiq Corniche, noting that the contract period is 25 years.

It called on investors wishing to benefit from this opportunity to review the terms and conditions and submit documents before the 9th of next July, stressing that the date of opening the envelopes is also July 9, 2024.

Further Developments in Madinah

Last March, the municipality approved the establishment of a commercial complex in Al ‘Uyun neighborhood, Madinah, reported Saudi Press Agency.

The commercial complex in Madinah consists of five floors, parking lots, service facilities, and open areas. It aims to develop services provided to residents and visitors, enhance competitiveness, and strengthen distinctive investment opportunities that contribute to improving the quality of life in residential neighborhoods in Madinah.

Moreover,  Prince Salman bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of Medina, officially opened the doors of the NOBPCO Logistics Center last February.

This pivotal move is set to revolutionize the integrated logistics services within the area, specifically targeting the healthcare sector. Additionally, the center’s primary goal is to streamline and enhance the efficiency of supply chains. It ensures that medical supplies reach hospitals and health centers more effectively.

Equipped with cutting-edge storage and transportation technologies, the NOBPCO Logistics Center sets a high standard for the safety and preservation of vital medical supplies. Al-Shibl expressed his gratitude towards Prince Salman for his unwavering support, highlighting the prince’s role in facilitating this significant achievement.

Moreover, the acknowledgment underlines NOBPCO’s dedication to enhancing the healthcare sector’s operational capabilities through innovation and strategic planning.

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