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Dahouk Reveals Reasons of Moving U.S. Aircraft Carrier ‘Eisenhower’ – VIDEO

Former Senior Military Advisor to U.S. Department of State, Abbas Dahouk revealed Sunday that if there is a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Middle East, this means the U.S. forces are facing a threat in the region and there is a need to support its allies, hence the war between Hamas and Israel.

The U.S. aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is preparing to leave the Red Sea. An aircraft carrier currently in the Pacific Ocean is heading to the Middle East to strengthen the American presence in the region, according to Asharq.

Equally important, Dahouk told Al Arabiya the aircraft carrier has been in the Middle East for 6 or 7 months. It was not able to stop Iran’s escalation against Israel and the Houthis are still hindering the trade movement in the region.

Moreover, the former advisor highlighted that deterrence was not the aircraft carrier’s main mission. It did carry out important operations like self-defence operations against the Houthis and attacks in Yemen. It is time for the carrier to go home. He said that the U.S. has 11 aircraft carriers. It uses only 4, which are all over the world, one of which is usually in Japan.

Furthermore, USNI News reported earlier this month that the U.S. deployed Eisenhower aircraft carrier for a longer period compared to any other American carrier during the past five years.

In addition, it is not clear which aircraft carrier from the Pacific will move to the Middle East to take over the duties of the Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

The last time an aircraft carrier left the Pacific Ocean to the Middle East was in 2021 when the United States decided to evacuate its forces from Afghanistan. At that time, the USS Ronald Reagan, stationed in Japan, moved to the northern Arabian Sea. Its main goal was to provide air cover for the departure of U.S. forces from Kabul, according to USNI News.

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