“Made in Saudi Arabia” starts from Riyadh on February 13

The countdown to the start of the “Made in Saudi Arabia” exhibition has begun in Riyadh, one of the regions of the Riyadh season, with the theme “Our industries are our triumphs,” which will display Saudi national industries in February 13th and continue through February 16th.

The exhibition, which aims to localize industries and double Saudi exports to the rest of the world, brings together officials and decision-makers, as well as entrepreneurs, to discuss topics related to national industries, innovations, and technologies, as well as exchange experiences and guarantee future visions to find new ways of progress and advancement, and to build strategic partnerships.

The conference’s exhibition’s work will feature several discussion panels and presentations, as well as several significant efforts made to make the Kingdom a leading economic and industrial country by 2030.

The show will be accompanied by a variety of activities, including art evenings, museums, art and craft exhibitions, and diverse participation from persons interested in industrial disciplines and those who are enthusiastic about its alternatives and future advancements.

The exhibition includes several live and unique performances, with the participation of more than 150 companies, as well as the organization of more than 15 workshops, the hosting of 30 interlocutors to talk about the summary of their experiences, and the most prominent industrial success plans they implemented, to be present evidence of the Kingdom’s change journey in the field of Industry and Saudi Export Development.

“Riyadh Front” is one of the most significant places of the Riyadh season, and the most appealing for people interested in shopping and various entertainment industries, as it offers a huge group of cafés, restaurants, and foreign sales displays.

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