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Yemen army seizes parts of Haradh city from Houthis

Brigades of the Yemeni army’s Fifth Military District continue to advance in the border city of Haradh in the northern Hajjah governorate, tightening the noose around the Houthi militia.

According to local sources, the southern and eastern areas of the city have been secured and the fighting has shifted to the city’s center, emphasizing that the siege on the Houthis has been tightened within.

It also verified that the Happy Yemen Brigades have retaken control of the Haija Mountains to the east of Haradh.
Last Wednesday, the Fifth Military District of the Yemeni army’s military media published remarks by the region’s commander, Major General Yahya Hussein Salah, in which he proclaimed the city’s encirclement after capturing the camp overlooking Haradh to the east.

The Yemeni commander acknowledged that the city was surrounded following the military operation started by the military region’s forces, threatening militia members with execution if they did not surrender after severing their supply lines.
Earlier, the coalition reported that the Happy Yemen Brigades in the Fifth Military District advanced towards the city of Haradh from several axes at dawn on Friday, despite the collapse and retreat of militia members, emphasizing that it supports the brigades’ progress in all axes and that the operations achieve their interim goals.

It is worth noting that army troops have achieved great gains in recent weeks on fronts in Shabwa, Marib, and Hajjah, in a huge operation that has resulted in serious casualties for the Houthis.

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