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Google, Shutting Down the Phone for Late Installments Payers

This year, Google published a new application called “Device Lock Controller” on the Play Store, and this app will Shut down the phone for late installments payers

The new application comes from the US technology giant, the right credit balance providers, by reducing the phone functions that are being funded if payments are not made by the late installments payers.

Google launched the Device Lock Controller app on June 15th, and it got the latest update last October.

late installment payers,

According to the App Store description, the Device Lock Controller “allows credit providers to manage the device. Your provider can restrict access to your device remotely if you do not make payments. And if your device is restricted, basic functions such as emergency calls, access to settings are needed.

And after the popular smartphones have become much more expensive in the past few years, so many phone manufacturers and telecom companies offer payment programs that give consumers an intent to pay a fraction of the price each month over a 24-month period or more

But if the user sometimes cannot make the payment for a few months, then a company, like Samsung in India, restricts the functionality of the device based on the period of delay in payment by the late installments payers.

And the new Google app appears to be making it easier for banks or other credit providers to implement the latter method of debt collection. But it is not clear if the app will come from us previously or retailers will require customers to install and setup it manually as part of the payment plan.
The application screen explains how the “reputed” can also “download and install the creditor application” and “disable its debugging and user management features,” which it is assumed can be used to circumvent these procedures.

Meanwhile, users can call emergency numbers while maintaining the ability to receive incoming and outgoing calls. ”The full settings application can also be accessed at any time, as well as backup and restore data.

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