What are Badin’s plans to fight Corona?

Biden said that the pandemic has become significantly more alarming across the United States, adding: “I want everyone to know from day one that we will put our plan to control this virus into practice.”

The number of new cases of Coronavirus increased dramatically last week, and by the time Biden takes office as President of the United States, that is, on January 20 next year, there will be more than 372,000 deaths due to “Covid-19”. A thousand more deaths than the current total, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation model at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine.

Today, Monday, Biden is expected to announce the names of dozens of leaders who will form the task force to combat Corona virus in the United States.

Biden’s task force will be jointly led by three chairpersons, former General Surgeon Dr. Vivek Murthy, former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler, and Dr. Marcela Nunez Smith of Yale University.

This does not mean that the White House Corona Virus Task Force formed by US President Donald Trump will be abandoned.

On Sunday, Dr. Ashish Ja, dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University, told CNN that it is important that the efforts of the Trump team and the Biden team work together to combat the Corona virus in the United States.

Increasing “Covid-19” checks and tracking of contacts will take place.

The provision of more “Covid-19” tests and tracking of contacts becomes at the top of Biden’s list of promises.

Covid-19 tests have risen dramatically since the early days of the pandemic, but scientists say tens of millions of checks are needed every day to keep the United States safely open.

Without tests, scientists will not be able to get a clear picture of the sites where the virus infection is spreading.

With up to 40% of “Covid-19” cases estimated to be asymptomatic, a rapid examination result is the key to stopping the spread of the disease.

The research found that about 75% of infected contacts need to be quarantined to stop the spread of infection.

Biden promises all Americans that they will have access to “regular, reliable, and free screenings” by providing car testing sites, investing in new technology, and creating public health jobs that would mobilize “at least 100,000” contact tracers from Efficient people.

Additional investment in covid-19 vaccines and treatments

Since March, the Trump administration has spent billions developing and expanding the scale of Covid-19 vaccines and treatments through its super-fast process that aims to produce and distribute 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines by January 2021.

Several potential vaccines are being tested on a large scale.

The states submitted their vaccine distribution plans with the CDC weeks ago, but they have not received any congressional funding to create the infrastructure needed to distribute those vaccines to tens of millions of people.

Biden promises to invest an additional $ 25 billion to produce “Covid-19” vaccines and distribute them to the entire population of the United States for free.

Biden asserts that the policy will not play any role in whether any of the vaccines under trial are approved, and the new administration will make the clinical data for any approved vaccine available to the public.

The Biden campaign also promised to provide affordable treatments and drugs.

Mandatory masks and more personal protective equipment

Biden says he will work with state governors and mayors to delegate masks in public.

And a modeling study in October showed that if 95% of Americans committed to wearing masks, more than 100,000 lives could be saved from Covid-19.

The Biden team notes that it will also address the problems of providing personal protective equipment for health care providers.

Biden explains that he will use his authority to ensure that the stock of national supplies is fully replenished, and has also promised to help secure products from American sources so that the United States does not depend on other countries.

Provide “clear, consistent and evidence-based guidance”

The Biden administration also says it will encourage the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to take a more active role in providing communities with specific guidance on when they need to close.

Trump’s critics argue that the CDC has been sidelined in favor of reopening the US economy.

The Biden team explains that it will create a nationwide pandemic dashboard, so that people can measure the spread of the disease in their own areas, in real time.

Biden will also establish a task force to combat the Coronavirus of Racial Inequalities, which will become a permanent task force to combat infectious diseases and racial disparities after the pandemic, with the aim of addressing disparities in the public health system.

Black, Latino, and Amerindian communities in the United States had significantly higher rates of infection and hospitalization.

Return to the World Health Organization and search for future threats

And last July, the Trump administration officially began the process of withdrawing from the World Health Organization. Biden says he will re-establish a relationship between the United States and the World Health Organization.

The Biden administration also says it plans to expand the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so that scientists can spot future threats.

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