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KSA Surpasses Iran, Turkey, Egypt & Israel in Number of Armored Vehicles

Saudi Air Force engages in a military exercise with its US counterpart
Saudi Air Force engages in a military exercise with its US counterpart

No one can deny that modern armies rely on many resources for their strength, including armored combat vehicles that transport infantry forces to the battlefields and carry out battlefield reconnaissance, insurance and engagement operations.

The armored corps is one of the most powerful aspects of the Saudi army, which possesses large numbers of them, and makes its classification among the five most powerful armies in the world and the first in the region in this aspect, according to the global website “Global Fire Power,” which specializes in classifying the military capabilities of armies.

The Saudi ground forces possess thousands of armored vehicles and tanks, which include main battle tanks and armored personnel transport vehicles.

While the Saudi army ranks first in the region with more than 12,500 armored vehicles, Turkey comes in second place with more than 11,630 armored vehicles, followed by Egypt in third place with more than 11,000 armored vehicles, while the United Arab Emirates ranks fourth with more than 8,750 armored vehicles, followed by Iran in fifth place in possession of 8,500 combat armored vehicles.

As for Morocco, it ranked sixth in terms of the number of armored combat vehicles, with its army possessing 8,000 combat armored vehicles, outperforming Israel, which ranks seventh with possessing 7,500 combat armored vehicles, followed by Algeria in eighth place with 7,000 armored vehicles of this type.

For its part, Syria ranked ninth with more than 5,475 various combat armored vehicles, followed by Libya, which ranked tenth with 4,550 armored vehicles.

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