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How Saudis Celebrated the Snow

Saudis celebrated the white guest (snow) in their own way, and shared photos and videos of their ways of enjoying the snowfall depicting the joy of this white visitor, on social media platforms.

In an insightful note, the snowman wore a mask to warn about the importance of adhering to preventive measures from the Coronavirus.

The Saudis’ attention has also turned recently to the northern regions, in Neom, Laqan and Jabal al-Lawz, which used to embrace the charming winter cover during the winter season, and photographer Fahd Al-Assaf documented a package of photos that captured the aesthetics of the sites covered with snow in the north of the Kingdom.

The snow falling on Alaqan and the back in northern Saudi Arabia formed an enjoyable natural landscape, attracting the enthusiasm of residents and visitors to experience living in and enjoying the snowy areas.

The people of Tabuk went out to the vast areas adjacent to the mountains that were covered with snow, expressing this with the phrase “snow scotch,” which rarely occurs during the winter of past years.

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