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Investment Entities Eye Available Opportunities through Global Competitive Indicators

Investment entities do not manage their money on secluded islands; rather, their eyes are on available opportunities. They carefully read and analyzed data from international economic institutions, and global competitiveness indicators.

Despite the decline in global investments which were affected by the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, they will recover from these negative effects in the foreseeable future give or take a few years.

The return will be more ambitious and a bigger investment. Therefore, the volume of global investments can be measured according to the data of the United Nations Development Organization for the year 2019, which amounted to about $1.4 trillion distributed across the investment map in the world.

Through Vision 2030, the Kingdom offers a wonderful model of ambition and unprecedented achievement by local and international standards. It wets the appetite of investment entities in the world, as witnessed by the reality of ambitious development and an advanced model for the future of economy.

 This development movement changes the image of the oil economy despite its continuing importance and returns. The Kingdom’s main role in stabilizing its supplies to the global economy machine, is to help advanced industries, clean energy, and future cities based on artificial intelligence, as well as providing the highest standards of quality of life.

 The aim behind developing Riyadh is to make it among the list of the 10 largest economic cities in the world based on NEOM projects.

The reforms and development steps that the Kingdom is carrying out, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his trustworthy Crown Prince, have won the praise and attention of the international community since the launch of Vision 2030.

The ambitious targets are led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who surprises everyone with connected episodes of historical decisions and new mega projects, which have attracted the attention of the developed world to achieve economic partnerships with the Kingdom due to their confidence in the Saudi experience, the strength of the economy, and the emphasis on transparency.

Saudi proactive steps

In the opinion of economists, the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 is distinguished, not only in anticipating the elements of future development, but to present a distinct model for the future economy and diversified growth throughout the Kingdom, through proactive initiatives.

 To reformulate investment objectives and direct their compass to advanced technologies is one of the proactive steps that will serve all sectors, mega projects and their design vision.

 Coral Bloom and other projects that are accomplished with high limits of dazzle, will enhance the accumulated balance of localization of technology and expertise, and the incentives and wide opportunities for the Saudi private sector.
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