KSA is ranked third among the happiest countries

Despite the tremendous change that occurred in the world in one of the cruelest years for human beings, in addition to the repercussions of the Covid 19 pandemic that terrified the planet and stopped its wheels from turning, the Saudis booked an advanced position in indicators of the well-being and happiness of countries.

The Kingdom ranked third in the list of the happiest countries, After China and the Netherlands, according to a leading global happiness survey 2020.

The survey, conducted by the research company Ipsos, measured the level of happiness in 27 countries around the world.

The results showed that the Kingdom has the highest percentage of adults who consider themselves “very happy” at 30%, followed by India at 22% and the Netherlands by 20%.

 The poll was conducted from July 24 to August 7, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, during which it polled more than 1,000 adults in each country through an online survey platform, and 6 out of 10 adults in 27 countries described themselves as happy.

The poll, conducted by France-based market research company Ipsos, measured the level of happiness around the world.

 It was also the only Arab country to be ranked among these countries, and thus it can be considered the happiest in the Arab world.

Bahrain was not included in the survey.

About nine in 10 people in China and the Netherlands described themselves as “very” or “rather” happy, while about eight in 10 people in Saudi Arabia said the same.

In details, China ranked first, as the happiest country, followed by the Netherlands, followed by Saudi Arabia. In the ranks that followed Saudi Arabia, France ranked fourth, followed by Canada ranked fifth, and Australia ranked sixth.

The US ranked 11th, with seven out of 10 people describing themselves as “very” or “rather” happy.

The countries with the lowest happiness levels in the index were Spain, Chile.

At the end of the list, Peru ranked 27th and thus is considered the least happy country out of the 27 countries that were in this survey.

According to Ipsos, the happiness index in many countries declined in 2020, especially after the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19, but there are some countries that still maintain their level of happiness.

The kingdom was the country with the highest proportion of adults who consider themselves “very happy,” at 30 per cent, followed by India at 22pc and the Netherlands at 20pc.

The only other country in the Middle East polled was Turkey, which ranked 17 in overall happiness level.

Ipsos conducted the survey from July 24 to August 7, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and polled over 1,000 adults in each country via an online survey platform.

It found that six in 10 adults across 27 countries describe themselves as happy.

In comparing this year’s results to 2019, Ipsos concluded that the prevalence of happiness globally “has remained nearly unchanged” despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, the levels of happiness increased in some countries including China, Russia, Italy and Malaysia.

The greatest declines in happiness were recorded in the South American countries of Peru, which decreased 26pc since 2019, and Chile, which dropped 15pc.

From here, we will present to you, in order, the list of countries that were in the survey conducted by Ipsos, which shows the countries from the most happy to the least.

Ranking of the happiest countries:



Saudi Arabia








United States of America









South Korea

South Africa







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