Saudi designer shines in New York

The Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, interacted with the participation of the Saudi designer, Lulu Al-Muhanna Aba Al-Khail, in New York City Fashion Week, by tweeting on his official account on Twitter, saying: “Okay, Lulu.”

Aba Al-Khail expressed her happiness with the minister’s comment and her pride in representing Saudi Arabia in this forum.

She also said in an interview with “Al”: “I am proud to be Saudi and participate in New York Fashion Week 2020.”

It is noteworthy that Lulu Al-Muhanna Aba Al-Khail was born in Riyadh and studied fashion design in an Australian university. She started her career in designing fur, abayas, and galabiyas, then she focused on designs for jackets.

Aba Al-Khail added: “I presented 8 designs in this presentation, which was called and requested by Fashion Week in New York, and I will participate in Paris next year for a contemporary clothing collection consisting of dresses, jackets and abayas with the flavor of Saudi modern culture, made of leather or wool in warm colors.”

“I love contemporary inscriptions and distinctive aesthetic shapes in fashion, which are combined with simple and luxurious designs at the same time. I also seek to make classic clothes in a more modern way,” Lulu said.

She continued: “During my participation, I sought to introduce the world to the most important Saudi designs and their features, and to have an opportunity to reach the world, after which I would receive many invitations to participate in fashion shows.”

She also pointed out that “the fashion world is difficult due to the great competition in the world of design, so I deliberately made my designs distinctive through the clothes decorated with accessories, which give them an aesthetic touch, until I was admired by many. I do not forget my thanks to the Oxford Fashion Team who stood next to me and supported me, and he was an influential one.” My experience is beautiful and easy. “

Aba Al-Khail continued, “Saudi Arabia is known for its multiculturalism, and there are many styles in terms of fashion, so Saudi designs were presented by integrating the heritage with eastern and western styles, and I took from each region of the Kingdom a different style of jewelry and silver.”

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