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KSA completes a historical dictionary that has been prepared for years

Imam Radhi Al-Din Al-Hassan Al-“Linguistic Saghani’s Lexicon of Al-Abab Al-Labbab Al-Fakhriyah,” a linguistic dictionary of great scientific and historical importance, was recently completed by the Center for Research and Knowledge Communication and is a scientific achievement that took years to complete.

The lexicon’s history dates back to when Feer Muhammad Hassan Makhdomi, a deceased Pakistani scholar, completed it from only four sections over a lengthy period of time, the last of which was released in 1996 although not fully.

Dr. Ahmed Khan, one of Pakistan’s most notable manuscripts collectors, presented the dictionary to the kingdom more than 10 years ago, complete in Makhdoumi’s handwriting in twelve volumes.

Under the supervision of Dr. Turki bin Suho Al-Otaibi, Professor of Grammar and Morphology at the former Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU), the Center for Research and Knowledge Communication will prepare it for publication.

This came after the discovery of two manuscripts at the Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies in Tashkent, the Republic of Uzbekistan that the late Makhdomi had never seen before.

The Kingdom’s lexicon is a significant addition to Arabic dictionaries and the scientific services they provide in the field.

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