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Saudi university announces exemption of postgraduate students from tuition fees

Saudi university announces exemption of postgraduate students from tuition fees

The Bisha University at Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Convention Center held the 91st National Day, under the patronage of Prince Turki Abdulaziz, with several government and security leaders attending the exhibition and with assistance from the Governorate of Bisha and the Education Department.

Dr. Safhi said the education sector is one of the core areas which have attracted the government’s attention to optimizing investment in the country’s true wealth, namely its sons and daughters, and its conviction in the importance of education in the full development of society.

He pointed out that the University of Bisha enjoyed this unlimited support, which enabled them to achieve achievements and successes despite its recent inception,

The president of the University has announced during the ceremony the continuing initiative to exempt students who have received King Abdulaziz Medals from the tutorial fee as well as sons and families of martyrs who have been wounded, making the university aware of the sacrifices they have made for their country.

On the other hand, the Governor of Bisha, Saeed bin Nasser Al-Talluq, delivered a speech on behalf of the people of the province, in which he expressed his pride in Saudi people on the 91st National Day of the Kingdom.

 The ceremony also included two documentaries about the achievements of the University of Bisha and the education of the province during the year, patriotic poems and an operetta, and concluded with the performance of the Saudi parade with the participation of the audience.

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