Kingdom’s Weather For Saturday

The weather across the Kingdom on October 28 exhibits a blend of clear skies and scattered clouds with temperatures swinging between mild and hot across different regions.

Temperature, Sky Conditions

In Riyadh, the day is expected to witness a high temperature of  86°F and a low temperature of 69°F with scattered clouds dominating the sky​​.

This follows the general October trend where the mean temperature is around 83°F, reaching up to 95°F on hotter days​​.

Meanwhile, Mecca and Medina, two other prominent cities, maintain higher temperature averages of 90°F and 85°F respectively, with maximum temperatures soaring to 101°F and 97°F during October​​.


The forecast for precipitation varies across different regions. While Riyadh and other central regions are expected to stay dry, some northern areas like Hail and Qassim might experience unsettled weather with possible rain showers later in the day​.

This aligns with the general weather pattern in October where rain is quite rare across the Kingdom, especially in the central and southern regions​​.

Humidity, Wind

Humidity levels are relatively low in Riyadh with an average of 31% but tend to be higher in Mecca and Medina, averaging around 47% and 22% respectively during October​​. The wind speed is mild, around 4 mph in Riyadh, which contributes to a pleasant day outdoors​​.

October 28,  presents a typical warm and dry day in Saudi Arabia with a slight chance of rain in northern regions. The day is characteristic of the October climate in the Kingdom, with mild to high temperatures and low precipitation. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, it’s advisable to plan your outdoor activities during the early morning or late afternoon hours to avoid the peak temperatures.

Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh                  31  c               21 c


Jeddah                  37 c                 29 c


Medina                 34 c                25 c


Makkah                38 c                 29 c


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