Arafat records the highest temperature in the world

“Arafat” recorded first place in the list of the highest temperature in the world last week.

Where its temperature was 43 degrees Celsius, according to what was confirmed by climate professor Dr. Abdullah Al-Misnad,

He tweeted that last week is a day of widespread air stability and that it will be hot to a moderately sunny day in the far north, with a clear and warm to a cold night in the southern highlands.

Al-Misnad published data from the “eldoradoweather” website, showing that Saudi Arabia “occupies the first place in the list of the highest score recorded in the world” during the last 24 hours.

It’s worth noting that “Arafat” is the only holy location beyond the Haram’s bounds, which are a level plain, and Arafat is surrounded by an arc of mountains.

Arafat is located on the road between Mecca and Taif, about 22 kilometers east of Mecca, 10 kilometers from the Shaar of Mina, and 6 kilometers from Muzdalifah.

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