A Saudi prince enumerates what UNICEF “ignored” about children in Yemen

The Saudi Prince, Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud, responded to a tweet by the UN Children’s Fund, or what is known as “UNICEF”, in which it addressed the situation of male and female students in Yemen, pointing to some things that the organization ignored, as he put it.

UNICEF said in its tweet, published on its official page on the social networking site, Twitter: “More than two million students are prevented from going to schools due to poverty, conflicts, the absence of learning opportunities and the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic that hinders their education.”

Prince Sattam responded with a tweet in which he said: “UNICEF ignored the recruitment of children by the terrorist Houthi militia overtly and clearly and ignored teaching children sectarian and terrorist ideas in schools and forcing children to marry and published a general tweet to dilute the issue.”

It is noteworthy that the military court in Yemen issued earlier last August its ruling to execute Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi group in Yemen, along with 173 other people, by firing squad and confiscating their money in Case No. 4 of 2020.

This came in a report published by Saba News Agency, which stated that “the Military Public Prosecution had accused Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi and 173 others of a military coup against the republican regime and the legitimate and constitutional authorities, collaborating with a foreign country (Iran), and committing military and war crimes.”

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