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Ministry of Environment Inaugurates Climate Station to Measure Precipitation, Climate Elements in Riyadh

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has inaugurated at its headquarters in Riyadh an automated climate station, which aims to achieve the greatest accuracy and reduce the difference between the hydrological monitoring stations.

The climate station records and collects data related to measuring precipitation, wind direction and speed, temperature, sun brightness, humidity, soil temperature, and other climatic elements.

The station also contains a data transmitter and receiver via a chip that sends all data to the project server for review and approval.

Climate stations provide the necessary data to aid in hydrological and climate change studies, which are among the most important pillars of water resource management planning, and sustainability.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry operates and maintains the hydrological monitoring network at the Kingdom. This network includes 914 monitoring stations distributed in various regions, including 392 rain stations, 74 climate stations, and 40 valley stations (Seoul). ), 7 stations for measuring dam water levels, and 401 monitoring wells for measuring groundwater levels.

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