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How Far Yemen’s Houthis will Deserve to be Called Terrorists

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen thwarted two terrorist operations that the Houthi militia tried to carry out last Friday morning, one of which targeted civilian objects and civilians in Saudi Arabia. The other targeted the international sea corridor, in its continuous attempts to destabilize security and peace in the region.

Yesterday, the coalition announced that it had intercepted and destroyed a booby-trapped boat in the south of the Red Sea, and the destruction of a Drone (booby trapped), aircraft launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia towards Saudi Arabia.

The Houthi militia continues its hostilities and its threat to the security of the region and the international sea corridor from time to time, in flagrant violation of all international norms and conventions. Such acts are the most dangerous threat to the shipping lines and global trade.

It is reported that the coalition had intercepted last week and destroyed three booby-trapped drones launched by the terrorist Houthi militia towards Saudi territory.

The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs condemned the attack, according to a statement published by the Yemeni News Agency Saba.

The statement from the Ministry stated that “the terrorist militia’s practice their acts of sabotage because they have not found an international deterrent for their aggressive actions, which poses a threat to the international peace and security.”

In another Yemeni context, Saudi Arabia continued to provide relief aid to the Yemeni people without discrimination through the “King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center”, where about 101 tons and 650 kilograms of aid were distributed in Al-Khawkha district in Al-Hodeidah governorate, of which 5,700 individuals benefited.

The King Salman Relief Center also implemented a number of entertainment programs and activities as part of the “Empowering Orphans and Strengthening Their Resilience” project, which benefited orphans and their families from the governorates of Aden, Marib and Al-Mahrah.

The activities included various initiatives, visits to several places and the distribution of gifts to many families.

The project aims to provide integrated care for orphans, their families and economic recovery by securing health and educational care. It facilitates access to educational services, and alleviates the suffering of orphans .It secures a decent life for them by sponsoring every orphan.

Orphans can easily be integrated into society .The project helps them to live in their areas through health care insurance, education and clothing for a period of one year, benefiting 1,000 orphans.

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