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Kingdom’s Weather for Monday

Kingdom's Weather for Monday
Weather Forecast

On Monday, Saudi Arabia is expected to experience clear skies during the night and sunny conditions throughout the day.

The temperature will range from a low of 21°C at 06:00 to a high of 30°C at 14:00 and 15:00.

The chance of precipitation is less than 5% throughout the day.

The wind will be coming from the north and northwest with speeds varying between 2 to 8 mph​.

Rainfall on Al Baha

Al Baha area witnessed scattered rainfall ranging from moderate to light, accompanied by thunderstorms today.

This weather affected parts of Al Baha city and its suburbs, as well as parts of the provinces of Baljurashi, Al Aqiq, Bani Hassan, Al Qara, Al Mandaq, and Al Makhwah, including their respective centers and some of their parks.

Climate Tapestry of Saudi Arabia

The weather can be capricious, often influenced by various geographical factors, from the Red Sea to the west to the Arabian Gulf to the east, and the great expanse of the Rub’ al Khali, or Empty Quarter.

The southwestern highlands, such as those around Abha, offer a respite with cooler and more temperate conditions, while coastal regions can be humid.

As for precipitation, the country generally experiences very low rainfall, but when it does rain, it can be heavy and sudden, particularly in the central regions.

 Central Plateau

In the Kingdom’s capital, Riyadh, and across the central Najd region, residents can expect typical conditions for the time of year.

Daytime temperatures are likely to soar, so the public are urged to plan any outdoor activities for the cooler morning hours or after sunset.

Little to no cloud cover is anticipated, maintaining clear skies for the majority of the day.

Eastern Provinces

In the Eastern Province, cities like Dammam that sit by the Arabian Gulf may anticipate a slight increase in humidity.

This can lead to hazy mornings, with possible visibility concerns for motorists.

The temperature, however, will remain high, and caution is advised against heat-related issues.

Western Coastal Plains

The western seaboard, including the bustling metropolis of Jeddah, will experience moderate weather with a mix of sun and clouds.

The sea breezes may bring some relief from the heat, especially later in the day.

However, high humidity will be a persistent companion, so staying hydrated is key.

Southwestern Highlands

Abha and the surrounding Asir region can expect the most divergent weather patterns in the kingdom.

Temperatures will be significantly cooler compared to the rest of Saudi Arabia, and there’s a possibility of light showers, which are not uncommon for this elevated area.


Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh                35  c                20 c


Jeddah                  36 c              29 c


Medina                37 c                  19 c


Makkah               39 c                 21 c


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