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Expectations of low temperatures in Saudi Arabia to zero

The temperature in the kingdom is expected to gradually decrease until next week.

Weather experts in Saudi Arabia expected temperatures to drop in the coming days, until they reach zero degrees in a number of regions, after the National Center of Meteorology confirmed that Qurayyat recorded for the second day the lowest temperature in Saudi Arabia, reaching one degree Celsius.

The professor of climate in the geography department at Qassim University, founder and chairman of the committee for naming distinctive climatic conditions in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah Al-Misnad, expected that the temperature will gradually decrease until next week.

He added through his Twitter account: “While the temperature falls significantly on Thursday due to the incursion of a cold northern air mass, it falls at the lowest temperature at dawn to 0 ° C in the north and north-central, and continues until Saturday, and its peak may be Friday and Saturday.”

Cold wave

Weather expert Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini revealed details of the weather in the Kingdom at the end of this week, expecting a moderate to strong cold wave in most regions. Al-Hussaini said, through his account on “Twitter”: It is expected to score zero and below zero in the North, and approach zero in the Central District, and outside the cities it is expected to score zero.

He added that “a break of 10 degrees Celsius in the city and the East, and cold weather is expected during the day and very cold at night with frost, and it is expected that Al-Soghra (the minimum) will approach 15 in Makkah and Jeddah 20, and it is considered the strongest cold wave affecting the Kingdom since the winter of 1442 AH.”

In addition, he added that the southwestern coast is expected to witness a weak impact, and snowfall in the heights of Tabuk and the Levant, while the temperature is close to zero in the central regions and outside the cities, and it is expected to record zero and break 10 degrees Celsius in the city and the eastern part.

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