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Incredible conjunction of Jupiter and Moon seen in Saudi Arabia

The conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter was visible with the naked eye in the sky of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world on Thursday, following sunset and the beginning of the night.

The Earth’s rotation on its axis causes all of these bodies to move west during the night hours, whereas the true movement of the moon is east regarding the stars.

It went on to say that if he watches the Moon’s location at the same time every day, he’ll see that it’s moving eastward in respect to the stars and planets in the zodiac circle.

The Moon moves half a degree east every hour, and the moon moves 13 degrees in front of the zodiac constellations every day.

As a result, on Friday, he will discover that the Moon has moved away from Jupiter, speeding eastward in its orbit around the Earth, as is its natural motion.

The existence of the Moon near Jupiter, according to the astronomer from Jeddah, is only visible on the sky’s dome, since they are not in space.

The Moon is only about (371,000) kilometers away from us, while Jupiter is about (747) million kilometers away at the present time.

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