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Riyadh documents the moment of crossing moon behind Kingdom Tower

RIYADH-Between the times of shooting sunset and sunrise, the identity of a Saudi photographer was formed in presenting photographs.

 He started with a passion for photography in 2007, after his wife taught him the basics of photography and gave him his first professional camera.

Photographer “Faisal Fahd Bin Zarah” spoke with “Al” by saying: “I specialized in photographing cities and nature, which got several certificates and prizes, through a package of works that won the approval of many, and made a wide resonance in society,

Bin Zaraa stressed that beauty is present everywhere around us, and any photographer can show it positively with the need to choose the appropriate time and angle.

From constant and painstaking attempts, I managed to win these wonderful moments in which the moon flaunts a complete “full moon”.

 This composite image of 7 images captures the moment of the moon’s crossing behind the “Kingdom Tower” in Riyadh.

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