Jeddah: Saudis’ Top By-the-Sea Getaway

As vacation starts, Jeddah is currently buzzing with visitors due to its pleasant weather and lively festivals. It is an ideal destination for residents seeking warmth and beachside leisure, reported Saudi Press Agency.

Visitors to Jeddah, along with friends and family, are enjoying joyful gatherings and fun activities. The entertainment options include art exhibitions that allow visitors to explore local and international arts. Additionally, there’s the joy of wandering in shopping centers and dining at restaurants offering a variety of international cuisines.

Climate, with all its elements, is one of the fundamental factors in the development and growth of tourism and entertainment, and one of the key attractions. Jeddah, known as the Bride of the Red Sea, boasts many unique tourist destinations capable of attracting visitors, especially with its magnificent views of the Red Sea coast.

Jeddah Fountain

In Jeddah, the sunset over the Red Sea is a sight to behold. It creates mesmerizing images of beauty, merging with the mist of Jeddah’s fountain. This spectacle deeply touches the soul, leaving an indelible mark.

Canvas of Golden Hues

The lens of “WAS” captured this magic in its full glory. As the sun nears setting, its golden rays blend with the fountain’s spray. This creates a mesmerizing canvas of colors. Additionally, the sunlight cradled by the fountain’s waters is a sight to behold. It adds a serene touch to the calm sea, making the scene stand out instantly.

Jeddah Fountain: Architectural Marvel

Jeddah Fountain is not just a beautiful backdrop; it’s an architectural wonder. It holds a Guinness World Record for its towering height of 312 meters. Moreover, this marvel pumps sea water at an impressive speed of 233 miles per hour. At any moment, the water it ejects weighs a massive 18 tons.

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