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Iran’s attack on the tanker needs a strong response: UK

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Sunday accused Iran of being responsible for the “deliberate and targeted” attack on an oil tanker linked to Israel off the Sea of ​​Oman.

“Britain is working in cooperation with its international partners to deliver a strong response to this unacceptable attack,” he added.

Iran must halt these attacks, he said, and ships must be permitted to travel freely under international law.

Earlier today, Israel stated that it received intelligence proof proving Tehran’s participation in the attack on the ship in the Arabian Sea. As Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett described it, “cowardly attempting to avoid accountability” for the ship’s sinking.

According to an American website, he said that Tehran used drones to attack the ship, intending to hit an Israeli target, but the event resulted in the deaths of a British and a Romanian, and that the attack served as a warning to the world of “Iranian aggressiveness.”

He further emphasized that such activities are not simply a threat to Israel, but also to international interests and maritime freedom.

He also asked that the international community explain to Iran why it had made a terrible error, before pointing out that his country had its own methods of communicating.

This comes after the Iranian Foreign Ministry rejected Tehran’s participation in the strike on Sunday, with its spokesperson dismissing Israel’s allegations as “unfounded.”

In a news briefing on Sunday, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh warned that Israel should cease making such false claims.

The incident was the most serious known naval violence in regional maritime attacks since 2019.

The assaults were blamed on Iran by the US, Israel, and others as the nuclear deal between Iran and global powers unravelled.

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