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Al-Baha open-air theatre: A unique architectural icon

Al-Baha open theatre is one of the distinctive areas in the Kingdom, as well as the largest space between all theatres.

The open theatre project is located in the heritage village, in the city of Al-Baha, and is the largest area of ​​Saudi Arabia.

It has a distinctive form; It is one of the most beautiful theatres in the Kingdom and is a unique major architecture.

The outdated theatre, as well as its attached facilities, is considered technical, cultural, tourist and literary centres in the Kingdom.

It is also an important and greater Landmark in the Al-Baha area. It contributes to the achievement of the Vision 2030 Vision, on the entertainment, cultural and technical aspects.

The theatre is keen to achieve the service and diverse needs of the region; where he embraced a number of national, entertainment and language events, last of which Arab artist Mohamed Abdo.

Al-Baha theatre design

For its design, it has been designed to be a distinct architectural, achieved creative character with beauty as well as charming mountain nature, to reflect the heritage identity of the region.

The theatre was established at a total amount of about 52 million riyals, on an area of ​​12 thousand square meters.

The exposed stage is located next to King Abdulaziz Regional Road from Taif north. It also crosses the Baha area, until arriving in Asir south.

The width of the theatre, for more than 5,000 people, is not a royal platform that is working on 300 people.

There are also large rooms equipped with VIPs, as well as parking that can accommodate more than 1000 cars next to services and facilities.

Includes the open theatre, its background platform is three covered with local stone, but they are made up of three floors for exhibitors.

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