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Houthi militia continues to militarize Yemeni children

Saudi UN representative highlights the suffering of children in armed conflicts

Yemen’s Minister of Information Muammar Al-Eryani warned of the dire consequences of the Houthi militia’s continued militarization of Yemeni children. He warned of the dangers of putting an entire generation in the hands of an Iranian-backed terrorist militia.

He confirmed in tweets on his Twitter page that the terrorist Houthi militia continues to deny hundreds of thousands of Yemeni children their right to an education and a normal life. He added that they use them as fuel for its battles in order to further the ambitions of its masters in Tehran and their regional expansion project.

Yemeni children recruited under guise of summer centres

Hundreds of young children were recruited by the Houthi militia from their homes, benches, and classrooms to be thrown into one of its training camps under the guise of “summer centres,” according to the Yemeni Minister of Information. Al-Eryani noted that “their awareness is being falsified, their identity is distorted, and their minds are filled with extremist sectarian ideas imported from Iran.”

The Houthi forces have been accused by the Siaj Organization for the Protection of Children in Yemen of recruiting at least half a million Yemeni children through 6,000 summer camps during the current year 2021 AD.

It expects a significant number of children from summer camps to participate in the present battlefronts. “The exploitation of educational facilities for military objectives,” it said, “is a war crime with no statute of limitations.”

The Houthi militia was added to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres‘ black list of nations and organizations abusing children’s rights in war zones on June 18.

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