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Jordan has been attacked by Iranian-made drones: King Abdullah II

The Jordanian monarch King Abdullah II revealed in an interview dedicated to CNN that for the first time that the kingdom was attacked by Iranian-made drones.

 “Unfortunately, Jordan was attacked by Iranian-made drones, which we had to deal with,” he said, while he did not clarify the timing of this and the likely parties involved in launching the planes.

In an interview with CNN, the Jordanian monarch said with regard to the last war in Gaza was that it is the first time since 1948 that he feels there is a war inside Israel.

He indicated that he met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Minister Benny Gantz, to confirm what Israeli press reports said about this meeting, which took place at the beginning of this month.

“I came out of those meetings very encouraged, and I think we have seen in the past two weeks, not only a better understanding between Israel and Jordan, but the voices coming from both Israel and Palestine that we need to move forward,” King Abdullah II said.

King Abdullah II indicated that ballistic technology has witnessed a remarkable development, exemplifying its impact on US bases in Iraq.

He said that “Iran’s nuclear program affects Israel as well as the Gulf,” and that “there are legitimate concerns in our region about many issues, which I hope the United States will be able to discuss with Iran.”

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