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GCC: Vienna negotiations must include Iran’s behavior

Nayef Al-Hajraf, Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), believes that the Vienna talks must address the subject of “Iran’s behavior,” particularly in light of the current situation in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

“In addition to the obstacles provided by the epidemic, the Gulf area faces new challenges represented in the region’s security, which is of great importance to the security of the world,” Al-Hajraf said during his participation in the Gulf Research Forum’s 11th session.

He went on to say: “The Gulf Cooperation Council is dedicated to sustaining and improving regional security. The current scenario in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen is a clear and present danger to the region’s security and stability.”

GCC is a staunch supporter of international law and the United Nations Charter, and it is one of the most vocal proponents of state sovereignty and non-interference in other countries domestic affairs.

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