KSA to impose insurance on domestic labor early 2022

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources, in cooperation with the Central Bank, is expected to start implementing the insurance decision on the domestic labor contract early next year 2022.

Informed sources said that the insurance will be linked with the mediation contract to technically recruit domestic workers with the Musaned platform.

According to the ministry’s data, the decision guarantees the rights and benefits of the employer and the worker, including compensating the employer for the expenses of bringing in an alternative domestic worker in the event of death, disability to work, or chronic and critical illnesses.

 The decision will achieve many benefits, such as increasing the attractiveness of the Saudi labor market, facilitating bilateral negotiations with countries, and improving the contractual relationship.

According to Article Six of the Regulations for Domestic Service Workers and the Like, the domestic service worker is obligated to perform the agreed-upon work.

He must also follow the orders of the employer and his family members, related to the implementation of the agreed work, and not refuse to work or leave the service without a legitimate reason.

It included preserving the property of the employer and his family members, and not harming family members, including children and the elderly.

The article also included that he should not work for his account, that he should not affect the dignity of the employer and family members, and that he should not interfere in their affairs.

He should respect the Islamic religion and abide by the regulations in force in the Kingdom and the customs and traditions of Saudi society, and not engage in any activity that harms the family.

It is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers approved the recommendations of insurance on the domestic labor contract in May of this year. It was represented in the insurance of the domestic labor contract for the first two years from the date of the beginning of the contract.

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