Saudi Arabia gets ready to bid farewell to pilgrims

The shrine of Mina is getting ready before sunset today (the second day of Tashreeq) to bid farewell to the hasty pilgrims; It is expected that they will depart Al-Mashar and conduct the farewell circumambulation around Mecca’s Great Mosque.

The crowds of pilgrims went on (the second day of Eid al-Adha) and the first day of Tashreeq to the Jamarat facility in Mina to throw the three Jamarat, which were presented to the pilgrims with special bags for each pilgrim after sterilization in advance according to health protocols, starting with the small Jamrah, then the middle, and then Jamrat Al-Aqaba.

The pilgrims were transported to the Jamarat Bridge following a meticulous procedure and prevention strategy to finish all the stages of throwing the pebbles safely and healthily, by placing specific colored paths that determine their movement, in addition to indicating their arrival on the ground with direct field follow-up and full coordination with the necessary security and civic sectors participating in the Hajj season.

The Jamarat facility witnessed a streamlining of dispatching pilgrims via buses from their camps to and from the bridge, with the application of precautionary measures and intensive preventive measures to ensure that pilgrims perform the stoning of the three Jamarat easily.

The Jamarat facility is one of the most prominent projects in Mashar, and it consists of 5 floors where all support services are available for the convenience of guests. Rahman, the height of each floor is 12 meters.

Pilgrims perform farewell circumambulation

The pilgrim goes to Makkah’s Grand Mosque for the circumambulation after stoning the Jamarat on the last day of the Hajj. The farewell circumambulation is the last of the duties of Hajj that the pilgrim must perform before leaving.

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