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Pope: Negotiated Peace Better Than Endless War

Pope Francis calls for an end to the wars in Ukraine, Gaza, and around the world in an interview with CBS.

Referring in particular to the wars in Ukraine, in Gaza and others that continue to ravage the world, Pope Francis said ” Please, countries at war, all of them… Stop the war. Look to negotiate. Look for peace. A negotiated peace is better than a war without end.”

The Pope, who has urged all countries at war to stop the conflicts and choose the path of negotiation was asked to comment on the term “genocide” being used by some in relation to what is happening in Gaza.

Moreover, the Pope repeated the word and said he maintains daily contact with that reality. “I pray a lot” for a ceasefire in Gaza, he said, recalling that every evening at 7:00 pm he calls the only Catholic parish in the Strip for news: “There are about 600 people there. And they tell me what’s going on. It’s very hard. Very, very hard. Food goes in, but they have to fight for it. It’s very hard.”

Asked about the consequences for children of the Russian and Ukrainian war, Pope Francis replied: “Those children don’t know how to smile. I tell them something, but they have forgotten how to smile. And this is very hard when a child forgets to smile. That’s really very serious. Very serious.”

Pope Francis also spoke about climate change, which “exists,”. Regarding World Children’s Day, he said: “Children always bear a message. They bear a message. And it is a way for us to have a younger heart.”

Finally, he replied with a smile, to a question about his health,: “I’m fine.”

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