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Immediate response to the Riyadh Agreement on Yemen is needed

Saudi authorities called on the parties to the Riyadh Agreement on Yemen to respond urgently to what was agreed upon to achieve stability and security in the country. 

That was said in a statement released by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To promote security and stability in Yemen and encourage all parties to accept political solutions rather than disputes and quarrels, representatives of the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council have met in Riyadh to discuss how to put the Riyadh Agreement into effect.

The Kingdom emphasises that the Southern Transitional Council’s subsequent political and military appointments are inconsistent with what the two sides agreed on.

The Kingdom calls on the parties to discard differences and work with the agreed-upon mechanism. They should prioritise the public interest to implement the agreement, prevent bloodshed, complete its path to restore Yemen’s security and stability, and support efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution to end the crisis.

“The restoration of the Yemeni government established following the Riyadh Agreement is a major priority,” the statement said.

The Kingdom also reiterates its support for the Yemeni administration, which includes the Southern Transitional Council, and emphasises the significance of both parties adhering to the agreements reached.

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