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International Video Art Forum kicks off activities in Saudi Arabia

The fourth edition of the International Video Art Forum is launched in Saudi Arabia, where the Society received special entries in the main competition for displaying works from different countries of the world.

The Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, said that the forum, which is held under the title “Contemplation of Light, Move towards Imagination”, will continue until next March, received via the website, participants in the main competition for displaying works from around the world.

According to the agency, the forum is the first of its kind in the Gulf, as it is an initiative to embrace Arab, Gulf, and international experiences, to present their experiences to the public, to introduce this contemporary art, pointing out that the last session presented 70 works from 32 countries.

The forum administration launched a research competition on various topics, including the privacy of “Video Art”, which includes place, concepts, body, performance, innovation necessities, the reality of Gulf “Video Art”, contemporary arts, problems of research, and experimentation, and other topics.

The association seeks to be a forum for presentation in parallel with research, reading, writing, and presenting critical visions and research papers, by opening the way for theoretical and applied for intellectual work with posing problems and striving for visual and aesthetic maturity.

In the same context, the director of the association, Youssef Al-Harbi, said that this year’s session includes, in addition to “Video Art” works, research papers that will be printed references of artistic and scientific research value.

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