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International mission to arrive to China to investigate the origin of Corona virus

After sharp criticism from the United States, and hints from other European countries to the need to investigate the origin of the Corona virus, which has killed more than half a million people around the world and how it originated, the World Health Organization has announced that it will send an investigation team to China in the coming days.

The Director-General of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Gebresos, said in a press statement that the organization will send a team to China next week to investigate the origin of the new Corona virus.

This comes after months of sharp criticism from the US administration and President Donald Trump about the organization’s performance, its accusation of bias towards China.

Trump also announced last month that his country’s financial contributions to the organization would be suspended because it had not undertaken the radical reforms required, according to a letter he had previously addressed to the Director-General of the United Nations.

Trump and senior officials in his administration have long accused Beijing of covering up the information about the virus and the lack of transparency in its handling of the pandemic.

Returning to the statements of the international organization yesterday evening, it indicated that the Covid-19 pandemic was not even close to its end, despite the progress of many countries on some level at the global level, and even confirmed that the epidemic is getting more severe.

Mike Ryan, director of the emergency program, said the organization expects to do massive work to find a safe and effective vaccine to prevent Covid-19 disease, but there is no guarantee that this will succeed.

It is noteworthy that Coruna has killed at least 502,599 people in the world since its appearance in China in December, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse according to official sources until 19:00 GMT Monday.

More than 10,208,540 people have been officially infected with HIV in 196 countries and regions since the outbreak began, at least 5,094,900 people have recovered.

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