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A look into history of Saudi National Day

The Kingdom’s Saudi National Day celebrations began in 1965, when King Faisal bin Abdulaziz issued a royal decree declaring September 23 as the national day.

According to the document released by the King Abdulaziz Foundation, the royal order emphasized the importance of defining a specific national day for the Kingdom to be celebrated every year.

The Abu Hajjar Palace in Taif hosted the Kingdom’s first celebration of the Saudi National Day.

This palace is the place where the founding king announced the launch of the name “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” after unification.

The national occasions celebrated before then were; Royal Sitting Day

It is not a fixed occasion, as during the reign of King Abdulaziz it was on January 8, and then it became November 12 during the reign of King Saud.

Saudi National Day Identity

Because it is applied in a wide range of applications, whether by government or private entities, inside and beyond the Kingdom, the identity helps to unify the celebration of National Day.

The Saudi Ministry of Information, announced the identity and slogan of the Kingdom’s 88th National Day in 2018, marking the first time an official logo was launched to commemorate this milestone. The phrase was titled (For Glory and Exaltation).

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