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Head of Saudi Shura Council: Iran seeks to stoke Arab disputes

Sheikh Dr Abdullah Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Shura Council, stressed that the challenges and critical developments that the Arab world is going through require a genuine will for an integrated Arab project that foresee the future of countries and their peoples.

At the opening of the sixth plenary session of the first session of the parliament’s third legislative term, Al-Sheikh indicated to members that the Iranian regime seeks to inflame Arab disputes and deepen the suffering of Arab peoples through terrorism.

The Iranian regime is leading a proxy war on more than one Arab front, noting Tehran’s efforts to find hotbeds of tension by provoking sectarian and sectarian strife.

It supports armed militias that operate outside the framework of the legitimate authorities; to break up the Arab peoples’ unity in a way that paves the way for their penetration and control.

Dr Al-Sheikh commented on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, saying that it “needs a significant pause from the international community to put an end to this catastrophe.”

He stressed Saudi Arabia’s firm position to accept a political solution based on the three references: the Gulf Initiative and its implementation mechanisms, the outcomes of the Yemeni national dialogue, Security Council Resolution No. (2216), and what the Kingdom announced in its latest initiative to end the crisis in Yemen with a comprehensive ceasefire.

The speaker of the Shura Council reaffirmed the Kingdom’s right to protect its territory, citizens, and communities against systematic aggression.

He praised the Arab Parliament’s positions and statements in its explicit condemnation of all terrorist acts carried out by the Houthi militias against civilian objects and vital installations while also condemning Houthi militias’ terrorist actions against civilians and essential facilities.

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